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Fan Selector 11.0

Fan Selector is an application to help you review and order selected fans
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Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd.

Fan Selector is an application to help you analyze, review, and order selected fans. Whether you need a small fan for your office, home or local or you are in charge of the installation of these products, this application will give you literally everything you need.

Although it is not a small download, it is definitely worth the wait, as it provides a built-in catalogue with commercial and industrial fans. You can select any category and browse through the subcategories listed and see all the fans that fall under certain specifications. Upon selecting each fan, you will see a picture of it on the right panel, with the option of selecting a Description or a Spec tab. Each of these tabs will display accurate information that will help you decide if that is the right fan for you.

Besides, this application comes with another tool called the Fanulator. With this tool you will be able to "build" your own fan according to your specifications and material requirements. Of course, this feature is more for advanced users, as it permits selections without any restrictions on the operational side.

And as if these features were not good enough, this application will allow you to bind your choices to a salesperson, so that you will be able to order either a fan from the catalogue or a fan with special requirements. This application is definitely a must-have for any person requiring professional help when selecting a fan.

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